Building a good Commercial Service

At Button Pest Control commercial services are customized to fit your business needs.  We know every company will have  unique requirements.  We will work closely with the contact person to set up a pest control plan and execute it.  For food facilities that undergo annual  audits we provide a compliance file.  This file includes:  Maps of all  interior and exterior monitors, pheromone traps, and insect light traps.   It will contain reports of which controls had rodent and insect  activity.  It will contain MSD sheets of all chemicals I will be using  on your property.  Lastly it will show all my licenses, certificates and  insurance.  

  • We are licensed and bonded in the state of California
  • We offer weekly, twice a month, and monthly services
  • Call backs are free
  • Every service starts with a detailed inspection
  • Interior monitors
  • Exterior monitors
  • Pheromone monitors
  • Insect light traps
  • Report of findings
  • Upon completion of your service we  review the report and findings with the contact person - this includes corrective actions that need to be fixed to prevent pest issues from occurring.

We specialize in: BED BUGS

Bed Bug

We specialize in: PIGEONS