"Who" are Pigeons

Background of Pigeons

Relatively large, stout bodied birds with short necks and slender bills. Their color patterns vary. Feral pigeons find the ledges of buildings to be a substitute for sea cliffs, have become adapted to urban life, and are abundant in towns and cities throughout much of the  world. Pigeon is a French word that derives from the Latin pipio, for a "peeping" chick, while dove is a Germanic word that refers to the bird's diving flight. The species most commonly referred to as "pigeon" is the rock dove, one subspecies of which, the domestic pigeon, is common in many cities as the feral pigeon.

Where are Pigeons found

Locations & favorite spots

Pigeons depend upon man for their habitats.  They nest on buildings and their ledges, as well as roof AC units and powerlines. Nests and droppings tend to stay clustered and remain dry when out of the weather. Pigeons are  particularly fond of roof spaces. These often contain water tanks. Any water tank or cistern on a roof must, therefore, be secured and sealed  off to keep the pigeons out of them. The popularity of a nesting area  does not seem to beaffected by the pigeons' population density.

When to get help with your Pigeon problems

Breeding habits & what this means for you

Pigeons breed all year round and can begin breeding at 6 months old. This means if left uncontrolled you may notice many birds nesting and  scavenging on and around your property.  You may also notice their droppings which find their way to your buildings, sidewalks, statues,  cars and possibly people.  

What to do if you have Pigeon problems

Need Pigeon control?

If you have pigeons and wish to control  them call Button Pest Control.  We offer a Pigeon Abatement program  which will help control the pigeon population by making the building an unattractive nesting place. 

Why use Button Pest Control

Why use Button Pest Control?

The biggest reason for pigeon control is the control of the amount of droppings found on and around your property. These droppings are not only unsightly but can cause AC unit and structural issues such as collapsing gas station canopy roofs.  In addition to this some viruses  and funguses can be transmitted to humans from pigeons (though it is not common).  Pigeons can be hosts though to parasites such as mites, lice,  fleas and ticks.  Pest control service is the best way to control  pigeons.   
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Gas stations like this often deal with Pigeon problems

we currently only control pigeons on commercial properties in butte county

Pigeon Abatement Program

After an inspection we will determine how many approximate pigeons are on your property.  After a contract is signed   Button Pest Control will start you on our Pigeon Abatement program.  This program can take up to 2 to 3 months of pre- baiting. This allows the pigeons to get used to the pre-bait (whole corn).  We then switch to the actual bait which will   help control the pigeon population.  This will be followed by close monitoring. This program follows state and county regulations.  

In addition to our Pigeon Abatement Program (FOR COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES IN BUTTE COUNTY ONLY) we have other pigeon deterrents.  

We have other PIGEON deterrent options available!


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