Building a good Residential Service

At Button Pest Control we deliver year round protection from the most  common household pests.  At every service we will inspect the exterior  of your home.  We will be looking in key areas for pest activity.  If we  find activity we will treat it and notify you. We know that each  season will bring about different pests and we will be prepared to  control them for you.  We can also inspect and treat the interior of  your home, as needed, providing you with a multi-level defense against pests.         

  • We customize residential services to fit your needs
  • One Time, Monthly, and Bi-Monthly service available
  • Call backs are free
  • We guarantee our One Time service for 30 days
  • Exterior inspections to identify current pest issues around home
  • We remove webs from all residential houses
  • Residual liquid-barrier treatment around your house
  • When it rains we add a second barrier around your house in the form of granules
  • We offer Organic pest control options

Most Pest Control Companies have the same basic checklist:

  1. Inspect the exterior of the property for pest activity & new pest harborage zones or entry ways.
  2. Inform the owner of the findings.
  3. Talk to owner about current pest issues.
  4. Remove webs from the outside of the home.
  5. Apply a liquid barrier treatment to the outside perimeter of the home.
  6. Treat the inside if needed.

Though the checklist is essentially the same it does NOT mean you will get the same service!

Some technicians are not as observant, conscientious, or cautious! They may be in a hurry trying to get their routes done.  They may not use top of the line products, or may dilute them to save money.  And who pays for this?  You do!   

Our price is right in the middle - Our QUALITY at the top!

We believe in QUALITY service!  We use top notch products (at the proper dilutions), we take our time at your home to remove all the webs, apply treatment, inspect the property, and converse with you about current pest issues.  We are mindful of children's toys, pet dishes, and play areas.